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Windmill Primary School

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The Specialist Provision for Children with Complex Communication and Interaction needs

Welcome to the new Specialist Provision Team at Windmill




Our specialist provision can only be accessed when a school completes a referral to the central specialist provision team. If allocated to our team, they will undertake outreach with pupils in their current school. It is always our preference for children to remain in their current school. Our team will work with staff and pupils to make this as successful as it can be. If this is not successful, after sometime, a transitional place in the specialist provision could offered. This place is temporary for a maximum of six terms. After that time, children will return to their own mainstream school or, alternative provision will be sought. 

Children in our school have to go through the same process as all other pupils in Kirklees in order to access support from the specialist provision team. There is no shortcut for pupils in our school to access the specialist provision. The fastest way for children to get the support they need is for their current school to make a referral to the specialist provision team.