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Windmill Primary School

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Feedback about our school


We are very proud of the children and staff at our school and love hearing positive comments from parents and the community. Below are some recent comments, thank you for taking the time to say 'thank you' and 'well done.'


Can I just say how wonderful the children sound on the telephone whilst on hold, it really  is lovely to listen to - Kirklees Employee Jan 2024

 What a lovely school. Everyone is very welcoming and friendly and it has great feel to it - Bikeability Instructor - Jan 2024

 We are delighted with his progress, thank you for all you do for him.    Parent - Mar 2023 

Our child is incredibly happy at Windmill.   Parent - Mar 2023

 My daughter is very eager and excited to learn    Parent - Mar 2023

E is such a confident little girl and this is down to school    Parent -  Mar 23 

I just wanted to say how truly amazing the teachers and staff are at our school
After this mornings issues with robin wood, they have turned it round so quickly to make sure our children are happy.  I can’t thank you all enough and wanted to email to say how grateful we all are as parents.  Thanks again                                                                                          Year 6 Parent Jul 2021

 I think we, as parents, owe you and your team a vast thanks for your efforts of late. 
It’s easy to forget that as well as being a job, teachers have families too and face the same domestic demands and anxieties as the rest of us. 
I don’t imagine the hours have been easy on you guys either so please pass on my sincere thanks to everyone who kept school open and ticking and pulled together. I know there’s many behind the scenes who don’t get a mention but it’s a team. Clearly a stellar team.
                                                                                                                                     Rec Parent Mar 2021


Please pass on our gratitude to all staff for keeping our children safe and school open at this time, we really appreciate their selflessness and dedication to their work. 
Rec & Yr3 Parent Jan 2021


Dear Mr Foulke

From our perspective school are doing a marvellous job.  P loves hearing her teacher’s voice on the recorded lessons as well as your collective worship.  The live weekly session with Mrs Wroe and the rest of the class is really looked forward to.
The positivity and genuine care for the children and the wider community really shines through and is helping us to keep going!
Thank you for all that you and the staff are doing.                                       Year 1 Parent - Jan 2021


I am really pleased overall with how my children have settled in, also how the school are dealing with the covid-19 situation.                                           Reception/Year 3 Parent Jan 2021


Miss Pearce was professional and also very empathetic and understanding. You could see and feel her passion and care when she spoke about H and it was unusual to meet her properly via video but, she was super with her information and answering the questions I asked about H. I do feel like the video appointments are much better especially given how punctual they are and, not to mention keeping everyone safe which I feel Windmill are doing a really good job at. Please pass on my thanks to Miss Pearce, Mr Chorlton and anyone else in the team that are putting so much effort in at such a difficult time for everyone.               Year 3 Parent - Oct 2020


Thank you to all of the reception staff for helping our children settle well. I was extremely impressed at how well Miss Robinson knew my children.             Reception Parent - Oct 2020


The windmill team have made a fantastic effort in these difficult times. With the children 1st in their priorities                                                                                                    Year 5 Parent - Oct 2020


The online meeting was perfect for us as a family as it enabled both parents to attend, usually only one of us can attend due to work/family commitments. It was extremely easy to make an appointment and all you have to do on the day is click a button. We were very impressed with the whole process. The teacher for 6P should be commended, she is very supportive and really knows the children, my son is extremely happy to be in her class. Thank you!                                                                                                    Year 6 Parent - Oct 2020                                                                                                  

 The school have dealt with the current global situation brilliantly. I am suited with the way they have looked after all the children in these weird times.
I think the staff should be given every compliment for their hard work, dedication and caring nature.                                                                                                      Parent year 4 - October 2020


 My son has been so happy to be back at school.  The wonderful staff in his classroom have gone above and beyond (as always) to make him feel safe but also create a sense of normality and routine.                                                                                         Year 4 Parent -Oct 2020


 I feel as a school you are exceeding expectations in relation to your efforts with everything including parents evening given the very difficult times we are currently in. Well done Windmill!!                                                                                                          RW Parent - Oct 2020

I just wanted to say thank you so much for this letter.

As we are both key workers, it makes us feel a lot better that we aren’t getting through as much of the work sent out as maybe other families. I have felt the pressure lift a little this evening.
I would also like to take this opportunity to say a heartfelt thank you to all of the staff that are going into school to look after key worker children. We couldn’t do our jobs without you. and it is massively appreciated. 

Take care & stay safe,                                                                                               Parent - April 2020


'I just want to add a personal thank you to all the staff that are still going into school, and those working from home. You guys are incredible! The way you are reacting to an ever changing situation to ensure that the children are looked after, fed, and educated is an inspiration! Thank you from both Rev’d Lesley and myself! God bless'
Rev'd Mike Green
Assistant Curate Brownhill St Saviour


"Hi Everyone,

Thank you so much for the letter, J loved reading it , he is missing his teachers and all his friends after we read it, he asked to play the Windmill song (over & over again) which made him smile lots.

A big thank you to all the wonderful teachers & other fantastic staff sending all the work/links/communication through, we are lucky to be part of Windmill family & hope to be back at school again soon. We try and do our daily walk passed school & smile and wave at the lovely rainbows on the gates . 

Thank you to Mr Jordan & Miss Neul for sending activities to keep us going and keep connected with school and a special thank you to all the people who are in school looking after key workers children. 

Take care everyone & stay safe."                                                               Year 2 Parent - March 2020


"Can you please pass on my gratitude?

The amount of support we are receiving as parents is wonderful. There is enough in terms of learning ideas, without being overwhelming and the sense of community is really strong at the moment.

This letter is absolutely the icing on the cake."                              Reception Parent - March 2020


"R loved this" about one idea we sent. - Year 5 Parent - March 2020


 "E is really enjoying these. Some great ideas you and Miss Denvers are giving us." -
Year 5 Parent - March 2020


'Great school, I moved my child from another school to here and the difference is massive. Staff are so approachable, always available before and after school on the playground, always friendly. My child has made loads of progress.'

Year 3 Parent July 2019


'We are extremely happy with the teaching in year 4, the topics covered have been engaging and interesting for the children and our son has had a fantastic, positive year. Thank you to all.'

Year 4 Parent July 2019


"Enjoyable placement with a helpful mentor. Allowed me to develop my confidence as a teacher'

Trainee Teacher - Leeds Trinity University December 2018


Staff at Windmill are enthusiastic about children's learning. They show genuine interest in the children. The Headteacher and other management has time for the children and this is evident in their interactions with children in and around school. You all do an amazing job!!

Parent of children in Y5 and Y2 - Questionnaire July 2018


Dear Mr Scargill, 

Just a word of thanks for your 8 tennis leaders at the event this week. .
Once again, Windmill C of E Primary should be extremely proud of them.
They performed their duties in an exemplary manner....very calm, very professional, very helpful and very encouraging. I did receive a few comments from other teachers as to how comfortable they all made it look! I hope they enjoyed their opportunity as much as I did having them lead. 
Mick Troop, Sport partnership leader 


Dear Mr Scargill,

I am writing to you to say how pleased I am with how my child has settled into your school.

The support she has received from her teachers has been amazing and this shows with how happy and enthusiastic she is to go to school everyday.  The way she talks about her teachers at home is lovely, which brings me great comfort as a parent. 

I are so pleased with the progress she is making and this is down to the fabulous teaching she receives from your staff.

In addition to this, I am very proud of her school report and pleased with how tailored it is to her learning needs.   

I am so glad I chose Windmill School for my daughter and I'm sure she will continue to make excellent progress and create happy memories during her time there. 

Year 1 Parent


Hi Windmill, 

I just wanted to take the time to write a compliment about the kids newspaper you have available for the pupils.

I’m not sure what it’s called, how often you get a copy and if its available for everyone, but Emma has been raving about it for a couple of weeks now.

Just wanted to say it’s a great way for the pupils to be kept up to date with current news and affairs, and something which is obviously very engaging, given that Emma has really taken to it.  I hope it’s having the same effect on everyone.

Thank you.

 Year 5 Parent 

I just wanted to send a quick email to say how polite and kind all the children at Kirkstall park were yesterday. I was there with my 20 month old daughter and all the children from Windmill looked after her, they were considerate when using the equipment and kept making sure she was O.K when pushing her around on the roundabout. I have attached some photos of my daughter having fun with the children from your school. If you could pass on my praise to the headteacher or their class teacher that would be great. 



Member of the public


Just to let you know- it is always a nice experience visiting your school as all the staff are so friendly and helpful (especially the office staff) which isn’t always the case on my other visits elsewhere. Much appreciated!

Speech and Language Therapist



I wonder if you could pass this email to Mr Scargill.

I just felt compelled to email the school to thank them for giving my daughter, the opportunity to take part in this event (Young Voices).  We attended the event on Wednesday evening and it was amazing; you could see the children really enjoyed it.

The staff that attended also joined in and you could see that their enthusiasm matched the children’s.  I would like to say thank you to the staff involved for taking the time practicing with the children and attending the event.

Year 5 Parent


I just wanted to pass on my thanks and congratulations to class 5N for a superb class assembly today, all about London.  I thought the children were fabulous; very confident and very funny in places.  The children are clearly benefitting from great teaching. Well done!

Year 5 Parent


Dear Mr Scargill, 

Just a quick e-mail to say thank you so much to you and all of the staff involved in the Year 5 London Trip. My daughter came home full of the adventures she enjoyed during the 3 days she was in London with you, as well as thoroughly enjoying herself Kate also learnt a great deal and has definitely also grown in confidence as a result of the experience.

We can’t thank you all enough for the fantastic organisation and for how well you looked after the children. You have all given the children a fantastic learning and development experience and we really appreciate all the hard work and time which has gone into it.

Please pass on our grateful thanks to all the staff involved – you all did a great job. We hope you managed to catch up some well earned sleep over the weekend! 

Year 5 Parent


'My daughter enjoys school and I am more than confident she is receiving an excellent level of tuition. Many thanks.'

'Both my wife and I are pleased with the progress our daughter is making. The meeting was really positive, we couldn't be happier and most importantly our daughter is too.'

'Very happy with the school and all the teachers.'

'My child loves school. I think her best talent is reading - she is fluent and expressive.'

'Progress is very good so proud of how well my daughter is doing and her teachers are so helpful.'

Parents of aYear 1 child


'Sometimes I feel very lucky to do what I do and my day at Windmill CofE School den building was definitely one of those days that made me feel very lucky! Staff and children worked so beautifully together. Teaching reception classes is a very difficult job as children are still very young with lots to learn. But the two classes were amazing. They not only listened to instructions perfectly but were able to carry them out. Team work, listening, problem solving, confidence and creativity are all skills these children have got and use fantastically. On top of all this, every child through out the day said please and thank you!! The staff and the children work so well together as one big team!! I think you are all outstanding and cannot wait to come back.'

Chris Harman after a day Den making with our Reception children 


'I feel this year, the school has improved immensely both academically and in appearance. I have noticed a huge difference in my son's academic abilities due to these profound changes. Thank you to all staff for making a significant difference.' 

Year 6 parent

'I feel the school has made a massive improvement over the last year, the school is safe and well led. I feel the way my children are now been taught is also a big improvement and think the good to be green is a great way to keep the kids positive. No concerns at all keep up the good work.'

Year 6 parent

'I have been very happy with my daughter's whole experience at Windmill Primary.'

Year 5 parent

'I am really happy with the school, it’s a great environment for my kids and I know they are being taught really well by caring lovely teachers and support staff.'

Year 3 and Year 5 parent

'I feel the main improvements and changes are very positive, security around the school grounds; homework, reading is encouraged more, approachability of staff and general ethos of the school has made me feel this is an excellent school.'

Year 1 and Year 5 parent

'School has improved tremendously in the last year. Parents' suggestions are taken on board. School's atmosphere is now one of approachability. Teachers also have a sense of purpose and aim which seemed to be lacking previously.'

Year 5 parent

'This year has been a positive year with all the changes. I have seen progress in my child's learning, looking forward to the following 2 years she has left. Over the past year my daughter has received much more support than ever before and I feel more informed about her progress.

Year 4 parent

'We believe Windmill is a well mannered school and we are happy with the progress our son has made and the way in which he is taught. Keep up the good work.'

Year 4 parent

'I've seen a lot of changes to this school this past year and very good changes they are, e.g. security, safety, education, respect, behaviour and happiness.'

Year 2 parent

'My daughter is very happy at Windmill Primary. She has excelled here, especially in confidence and reading. She loves her class teacher.'

Year 1 parent

'I am happy because my child is happy, safe, healthy. I would like to thank everyone in Windmill C of E for their hardwork.'

Year 1 parent

'I have seen a lot of improvement from my daughter since she's attended Windmill. She always comes back to tell us about her school. She tells me she is proud of being part of Windmill Primary.'

Reception parent 

I feel privileged that I have been involved on 3 school trips this term, and got to work with the staff and pupils outside of the classroom.  On all 3 occasions I was very impressed by the staff and their genuine care and encouragement of the children and their curriculum, year 5 pupils were exceptionally well behaved, and the trip to Burnsall was excellent.  My son and his peers were totally engaged by sketching by the river, and it was so rewarding to help the children with their drawings.

The Year 1 trip to Ponderosa was so well planned and the staff again were excellent with their patience and emapathy and genuine care for each pupil. I really hope the school continues with the trips as the whole experience was very positive.

Parent of Year 6 and Year 1 pupil