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Year 5



A performance of Elmer the Elephant

Today Year 5 went to visit Reception to perform their story of Elmer the Elephant. With all the thought and rehearsing involved, they pulled off the performance of a lifetime and the reception children were mesmerised. 

The story of Elmer (a Tanzanian elephant!) links to our school's work on Growth Mindset. We are all unique and all talented and should each recognise this in ourselves.

Year 5 spent a week reading, discussing and learning the story in order to develop oral storytelling skills. They planned their use of intonation, pace and expression whilst considering the impact on an audience. At the end of the week children enjoyed sharing their work with an audience of younger children. 

IMG_0331 from Windmill C of E Primary on Vimeo.

Y5 celebrate Bastille Day

'On Friday 14th July it was Bastille Day so Year 5 celebrated French Day. We learnt about the French Revolution, ate croissants and sang the song 'Do You Hear The People Sing' from the musical Les Miserables. It was an usual but exciting day!'

By Hannah, 5DT


Class 5DT Assembly - 28th June

Yesterday 5DT presented their class assembly. The parents came to the hall to hear London's Burning on the glockenspiels. We told everybody about the historical developments of London through the centuries and how it has changed over time.  We even had rats and the Queen! We brought the assembly to a close by singing with enthusiasm the song 'Maybe It's Because I'm A Londoner '. It was fab!

By Kaira

Class 5DT Assembly from Windmill C of E Primary on Vimeo.

The Big Sleepover - 9th June 

Last Friday night, Year 5 had an entertaining time sleeping over at school! There were many activities to participate in such as football, sports games, a beauty salon, watching a film, singing around a camp fire and having a mouth watering barbecue. My favourite part of the spectacular night was the brilliant beauty salon where we could all get our nails painted, sing and dance to pop songs and take wacky selfies! All the teachers did an impeccable job to arrange the funfilled night. Year 5 had great fun!

By Holly, 5D

On Friday night we had a super school sleepover! Soon after we arrived, we went outside to have a BBQ with sizzling tasty burgers. Afterwards we played some games on the field and visited the beauty salon to have our nails painted. Next we sat around the cosy firepit and sang some silly songs. Finally, we put our camp beds up and watched the BFG and eventually went to sleep. We all enjoyed the evening and had a great time!

By Paige, 5DT


The Big Sleepover from Windmill C of E Primary on Vimeo.

MAH00681 from Windmill C of E Primary on Vimeo.

Y5 recreate London - 8th June

This week Year 5 have been developing their London topic further still and enjoyed a variety of activities. They have used box modelling to create iconic London buildings (including a working Tower Bridge!), made portraits of the Queen, designed teapots and bunting, and learnt about regional foods and British Values.
The children have enjoyed baking and making food to share together for an afternoon tea. The Queen even paid a visit!

Gardening with 5DT - 25th May

As it was a beautiful sunny day, 5DT decided to do some gardening under the blue, azure sky. With Mr Chorlton, we harvested rhubarb and Charlie dug up some spuds! Anybody fancy some rhubarb crumble today?

By Luke, 5DT



Bible Times Exhibition - 19th May

This morning Year 5 went to the best ever workshop yet. It was about all the mind blowing history of the Bible. After an interesting talk we got a quiz sheet which we had to answer using exhibitions and artefacts around us. We were complimented on our exceptional behaviour.

By Lewis, 5DT





The Apple Tree recited by 5DT - May 2017

"This is a poem called The Apple Tree by George Szirtes. We studied it in detail looking at the metaphors and personification, and pathetic fallacy. The more I learnt about the poem, the more my emotions changed from happy to sad. Our next challenge was to learn it off by heart. I think my class 5DT did pretty well!"

By Rosie

IMG_0674 from Windmill C of E Primary on Vimeo.

Sing Up 2017

On the 24th March, the whole school participated in Sing Up 2017. Each year group helped to spread a little singing around the world by performing their own song.

Year 5 were brilliant and sang 'Maybe It's Because I'm a Londoner'.  Have a listen to them sing by clicking on the year group photo below

Year 5 Sing Up from Windmill C of E Primary on Vimeo.

Young Voices 2017 - 1st February

On Wednesday 1st February, 39 children from Year 5 went to Manchester Arena to join the largest school choir in the world.

"Yesterday I had the most exciting day ever because we went to Young Voices! We went on a coach to Manchester Arena. There were 8599 kids there! It was very noisy because all the children were screaming when the singers, the dancers and musicians came on stage. We had a rehearsal and then a performance when the parents came. The atmosphere was electric. All the staff's ears are still ringing this morning!"

Rosie, 5DT

Young Voices from Windmill C of E Primary on Vimeo.

Year 5 Playleader Training - 1st February 2017

On Wednesday a group of year 5 children went on a course to learn how to become a good Play leader, here’s what Finlay had to say about the day.

“One word, awesome! My favourite place to learn about football and sports, there were other schools there but I liked the school we worked with the most. The four activities we learnt about were netball, cricket (my personal favourite) playground games and boot camp things. After lunch we made our own games, in our group there was Jodie, Maiya, Mohammed and Lewis. Our game was called Fish and Chip! It was Epic.”


Young Voices Rehearsal - 19th January

"We were practising for Young Voices this morning, in preparation for our fast approaching performance on the 1st February at Manchester Arena. We've been concentrating on learning the lyrics and groovy dance moves! It was tiring but exciting. I can't wait and neither can Year 5!


Maya Archaeologist visits Year 5 - 9th January

"On Monday an archaeologist came in to do a workshop about the Maya. We learnt that they built their pyramids in the most difficult location in the Rainforest. We were lucky enough to handle some of the artefacts carefully! We were shown a short film about a ball game called Pok-A-Tok where players were only aloud to use their head, hips, knees and elbows and to get the ball through a small ring high up. We also made a Maya calendar which involved 19 months and 20 days based on Astronomy.

I found it exciting and I liked the pizote - a large, oversized squirrel!"


By Jack, class 5DT

Class 5T Assembly - 30th November

“On the 30th November we did our class assembly, we were all quite nervous as all the parents came in. We started with “Mathsmind” where Theo sat in a Mastermind chair answering questions on square numbers and factors. Then we introduced our topic on the USA by having an exciting cheerleading dance. From Earth we went to space and visited the solar system. We then formed ourselves into an enthusiastic choir and sang ‘Rollercoaster. Mrs Terry and Mrs Normanton were extremely proud of us as were our parents”.

By Holly, 5T



A visit from Morley Fire Station - 28th November

Year 5 were visited by FireFighters from Morley Fire station today. They were given a fire safety and car seatbelt safety talk, with 3 informative films and an opportunity to ask questions.




Y5 getting ready for Young Voices - 22nd November

Year 5 are working hard rehearsing for Young Voices - check out 5DT's dance moves below!

Y5 Dance moves from Windmill C of E Primary on Vimeo.

Tropical World 27th September

This was the best school trip I have EVER been on! Year 5 went to Roundhay Woodlands and Tropical World. We saw everything from squirrels to crocodiles. We did three amazing activities about native woods then after my tasty wrap we explored the rainforest. My favourite part was watching the entertaining scurrying meerkats.

By Ellie, 5DT

Tropical World from Windmill C of E Primary on Vimeo.

Year 4 2015-2016

Please take a look at the video below to see a snapshot of the topic work 4DT have done this half term.

Y4 My Movie from Windmill C of E Primary on Vimeo.


Samba Workshop

On Tuesday 21st June Mr Meredith and Miss Pike came to our school to do a Samba workshop with year 4. Samba is the music of Brazil and carnivals. We practiced different rhythm patterns and looked at different instruments. We paraded round the hall and outside, responding to the whistle and used call and response. It was great fun…and very noisy!

By Lucy and Hanna, 4DT

'The samba workshop was very fun. My favourite part was when our Samba band marched around the playground.' Maiya 4T

'I liked clapping to the beat of the drums. It was one of the best experiences I have had at school so far.' Finlay 4T

Click on the video below to see Year 4 in action!

Year 4 Samba Workshop from Windmill C of E Primary on Vimeo.


Architecture workshop

On Friday, 17th June, Bob came to our school to do an architecture workshop. We used sticks and rubber bands to build tetrahedrons – they looked like triangular based pyramids. We worked together to join them and made a massive structure that could fit 4 people in the middle of it! We also joined them together to make the tallest structure we could, it touched the ceiling. 

We learnt that triangles are strong shapes to use for building. However, tall structures are usually built in small spaces so the outsides tend to be cuboid shaped.

We all enjoyed our workshop and thanked Bob for coming.

“I was surprised how big the structures were that we made,” Paige, Year 4.

“I learnt that squares aren’t really good shapes to build with,” Rosie, Year 4.



Year 4 Trip Leeds City Museum

On Wednesday 9th March our Year 4 children visited Leeds City Museum to support their Topic work on Romans.  

Today we went to Leeds City Museum to learn about the Romans. First we went into a room where we did three activities. The first activity we did was comparing a time line which I really enjoyed. Then we looked around the museum and sketched some images of Roman artefacts.


I learnt lots more about the Romans. I enjoyed making a paper Roman helmet. We also did a Roman quiz. In the afternoon we got chance to look around the rest of the museum. We had a fun day!



Y4 Leeds City Museum from Windmill C of E Primary on Vimeo.


Indian Storytelling Workshop

On World Book Day 2016, Year 4 were lucky enough to go to an Indian storytelling workshop at Batley Girls High School.

We found out that you can tell a story in a number of ways. You can use your hands, eyes, body, rhythm and puppets. We looked at some special puppets from India called marionettes. They were very realistic and impressive!

Later, we learned some traditional Indian dances. This involved beating sticks to the rhythm of the music. We did a celebration dance and even a Bollywood dance. All of us (even the teachers) loved joining in!      

Finlay and Chloe 4T



4T Class Assembly

On Wednesday 2nd March it was the turn of 4T to perform their class assembly.

During this term we have looked at the Romans in almost everything that we have been doing, so we decided to show everyone what we have been learning!

We shared a small collection of our non-chronological reports, sang our Roman song, explained what Roman numerals were and much much more! It was great to share our learning.

We have been working very hard! 4T would like to thank Miss Towler and Ms Fisher for helping us with our assembly.      

Mohammed and Bella 4T

Sing Up 4th Feb 2016

Year 4 celebrated Sing Up Day and sang in front of the whole school Just Like A Roman. Please click on the sound file below to listen to them - well done Year 4.

Landscape photography - December 2015

Evie’s dad is a professional landscape photographer. When he came in he showed us some of his photographs. He talked about different techniques and showed us his camera and lots of equipment that he uses when taking pictures. We looked at how perspective and filters can change the atmosphere in a picture. He told us that landscape pictures bring back memories. We really enjoyed his visit!
By Kate and Isabelle (4T)
Skipton Castle
On Monday 14th September, Year 4 had an amazing time at Skipton Castle. We were lucky enough to have a tour guide to show us round. First, we explored the castle. We followed the tour guide into the dark and creepy dungeon when suddenly, he switched the light off! Everybody screamed as the room was plunged into darkness! Afterwards, we visited more places including the kitchen, the Watchtower and the Chapel. Everybody had a brilliant time!
By Emilia and Finlay (4T)