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Windmill Primary School

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Mugango Primary School - our link school in Tanzania

Windmill C of E Primary is proudly linked with Mugango Primary School.

Mrs Thompson visited Tanzania in February 2017 – she visited Mugango Primary School to set up a link between our school here and theirs in Tanzania.

To see more from her trip you can watch the video below or  or read her journey from this blog by clicking here.

Tanzania 2017 from Windmill C of E Primary on Vimeo.

Since the visit in February, Windmill C of E Primary have learnt all about life in Tanzania from the homes they live in to the food they eat, what subjects the children do, what their school is like and what the country is like. We have had a ‘Teach like Tanzania Day’ where the school tried to experience what school life is like for children in Tanzania. The teachers were not allowed to use their computers and had to teach 60 children at once! We created art work inspired by fabrics brought back from Tanzania and by the animals that live in the Serengeti.

Look at the video below to see photos from the day……

Teach like Tanzania Movie from Windmill C of E Primary on Vimeo.

July 2017

In July, Arthur and Melina (people who looked after Mrs Thompson in Tanzania and help with the link schools) visited England and came to see our school. Arthur and Melina were so impressed with our councils and Head Boy & Girls that they wanted to introduce them to the schools in Tanzania. Every class showcased some learning to Arthur and Melina; have a look at this work below: