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July 2015 Parent Questionnaire Feedback

Many thanks to those parents who returned the parent questionnaire in July 2015. We had 154 responses, which represents 72% of the families in school. Below is a table of results and some of the comments from parents about our school:

** Please note percentages do not always total 100 because of rounding and ommisions.

Some comments from parents

'I feel this year, the school has improved immensely both academically and in appearance. I have noticed a huge difference in my son's academic abilities due to these profound changes. Thank you to all staff for making a significant difference.' 

Year 6 parent

'I feel the school has made a massive improvement over the last year, the school is safe and well led. I feel the way my children are now been taught is also a big improvement and think the good to be green is a great way to keep the kids positive. No concerns at all keep up the good work.'

Year 6 parent

'I have been very happy with my daughter's whole experience at Windmill Primary.'

Year 5 parent

'I am really happy with the school, it’s a great environment for my kids and I know they are being taught really well by caring lovely teachers and support staff.'

Year 3 and Year 5 parent

'I feel the main improvements and changes are very positive, security around the school grounds; homework, reading is encouraged more, approachability of staff and general ethos of the school has made me feel this is an excellent school.'

Year 1 and Year 5 parent

'School has improved tremendously in the last year. Parents' suggestions are taken on board. School's atmosphere is now one of approachability. Teachers also have a sense of purpose and aim which seemed to be lacking previously.'

Year 5 parent

'This year has been a positive year with all the changes. I have seen progress in my child's learning, looking forward to the following 2 years she has left. Over the past year my daughter has received much more support than ever before and I feel more informed about her progress.

Year 4 parent

'We believe Windmill is a well mannered school and we are happy with the progress our son has made and the way in which he is taught. Keep up the good work.'

Year 4 parent

'I've seen a lot of changes to this school this past year and very good changes they are, e.g. security, safety, education, respect, behaviour and happiness.'

Year 2 parent

'My daughter is very happy at Windmill Primary. She has excelled here, especially in confidence and reading. She loves her class teacher.'

Year 1 parent

'I am happy because my child is happy, safe, healthy. I would like to thank everyone in Windmill C of E for their hardwork.'

Year 1 parent

'I have seen a lot of improvement from my daughter since she's attended Windmill. She always comes back to tell us about her school. She tells me she is proud of being part of Windmill Primary.'

Reception parent 


Comparison with June 2014 Parent Survey

  • Parents say that expectations of pupils have risen: In July 2015 98% of parents said the school has high expectations of pupils, compared with only 79% in April 2014.
  • Parents say pupil progress has improved: In July 2015 99% of parents said they believed their children were making good progress, compared with only 83% in June 2014.
  • Parents say that the way the school deals with unacceptable behaviour has improved: In July 2015 96% of parents felt positive about this aspect of school, compared with only 82% in June 2014.
  • Parents say the school gives more useful information about children than it has done previously. 96% of parents say that they receive useful information about their children, compared with only 78% in June 2014.
  • 97% of parents say they would recommend our school to other parents, compared with only 90% in June 2014.

Things parents would like us to improve:

Thank you to those parents who made suggestion for further improvement, we really want to work together to give your child the best experience and it is useful to know how you think we should improve. Below are the four main areas that parents wrote about:

  • Change the way we communicate about first aid issues so that parents know which of their children, if they have more than one, have been seen by a first aider. - This was changed in September 2015.
  • More classes for parents to help them support children at home. - We have planned dates for parent workshops about phonics, reading and maths for the Autumn term. These will be shared with parents in early September 2015.
  • Reading books to be changed more frequently. - We have made some changes to the way we change reading books to make book changes more frequent, details will be shared with parents in September 2015.
  • Children should read more frequently with the teacher. - Class teachers listen to children read almost daily in guided reading and Read Write Inc lessons, they make their own records and assess children. Children are also assessed every six weeks while they are learning to read and their books level change appropriately.